Passenger Lifts

    Optional Features

    • Fire rated doors available
    • Optional colours available
    • Optional Intercom
    • Optional Mirror
    • Power operated door

    Passenger Lifts

    Platform Lifts provide an independent disabled access solution to different levels in any type of building.

    Platform Lifts are ideal for assuring accessibility to all public and private residential or institutional premises, allowing wheelchair users and acceptable social life.


    Standard Features

    – Suitable for internal or                              external installation
    – Smooth and quiet screw and nut drive
    – Minimal builders work
    – Single phase electric supply
    – Power 1.5Kw
    – Range of platform sizes available
    – Range of entry/exit configurations
    – Self Supporting structure available           (freestanding tower)
    – Wall Shaft Solution
    – Protection Shaft Solution
    – Modular Equipment
    – Capacity from 300Kgs – 400Kgs
    – Speed 0.13m/sec
    – Pit:  50mm
    – Max: 6 stops
    – Max travel: 9000mm
    – Standard Headroom: 2330mm
    – Regulation Part M Compliance
    – DDA Compliant

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